Industries Served

Wherever You Find Innovation, You’ll Find Us.

The attorneys at Amburn Law work across a wide range of industries. Whether your business is in, engineering, medicine, software, consumer goods, we work hard to protect your business concerns.


You invest in advancements, but you also need to invest in your future. Our attorneys help ensure your advancements stay protected.


Your inventions save lives. We make sure your inventions are protected.


In a world that’s more interconnected than ever before, electrical technology is paving the way to the future. Our job is to keep you at the head of the pack.

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing has exploded in the last several years by offering more new products than ever before. Our job is to ensure your products stay competitive.

Medical Device

In a highly regulated industry, you need attorneys with experience. Our team offers decades of experience and a healthy understanding of issues impacting the industry.


In the industry that drives Detroit, you need attorneys that can accelerate your bottom line.


When you need your inventions to take off, our IP attorneys are there to guide you.


IP law allows your innovations to take flight. Our attorneys have the skill to help you navigate a highly competitive industry.

Information Technology

In an interconnected world, information technology is key to keeping the world moving. We’re here to ensure your business keeps its momentum.


Software advancements have changed the way we think about technology. If you have the next big idea, we’re here to protect it.


It takes a lot of work to play. Our job is to help your company bring joy to people across the country.

Automation & Robotics

When you’re pushing for the next major advancement in automation, our IP team can help make sure your big idea reaches its full potential.

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